I am eagerly and anxiously awaiting fall time. It is basically here, without the cool crispness in the air. We are starting to get a glimpse of it at nighttime, but it’s not quite here yet. Football is in full swing, with cool park days just around the corner. Camping with my family is near, and I’m starting to see pumpkins. Man, I love this time of year!

I always joke around with my friends that fall always brings the most change in my life. I am learning more and more each day that life never stops changing…it’s like for some reason, we have this false belief that life will just start to sail smoothly and we’ll get to some sort of plateau. We are constantly waiting for that, yet it never comes. And after having these conversations with many people, I’m really starting to see that that really doesn’t exist. And that once I start to accept that life just changes all the time and brings the unexpected, the better off I’ll be. The moral of this story? Always be ready for anything.

Anyways, back to fall time. So, I joke, right…well, this fall is proving to be just that and more. It’s like everything is different. My church is having its very last service this Sunday, which is such a bittersweet thing. I am extremely sad, yet I feel God’s peace in it…I feel His will in it. My job is so up in the air, and I am still up for this big position. I should hear something in a few days! With my church ending, means looking for a new church, which means new people. I plan to keep my friends from my church community now, but it’s inevitable that new people will be added into my life once I find a new church. I can’t even imagine it, really!

I sit here listening to the Avett Brothers, remembering when I saw them last year at this time, and heard their new album, and now awaiting their new album in October with the hopes of seeing them again with my sisters. There are many great artists coming to Birmingham, too, that I am thrilled about! Music always brings back the most memories for me, it seems. Many things remind me of fall, and I’m flooded with memories of past falls whenever I see or hear something familiar. Yet, music, nothing brings back the memories like it. And I find myself tempted to dwell on the past years, but knowing that I must look forward as well.

I know I talk about fall way too much. But it’s literally my favorite time of year, ever. And after a very hard year of many ups and downs, and watching those around me hurting, I’m hopeful for a better season! I feel strong, and ready to take it on, with all of its change. Maybe the changing leaves represent something? Hmm…duh.

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